Types of Massage


Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a whole body treatment combining long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping and percussion and vibration techniques to release tension and increase blood flow and oxygen supply to the tissues. Swedish massage can be both invigorating and deeply relaxing. The main purpose of Swedish massage is increasing blood flow and releasing toxins that may have built up in tissues; it also speeds up recovery time, gently stretches muscles and reduces tension both physical and mental. Swedish massage is a wonderful way to relax and pamper yourself.

Sports and remedial massage

Sports massage is not just for athletes but for anyone who partakes in physical activity or suffers from postural aches and pains. Although originally developed for athletes to emphasise healing and prevention of injuries and reduce chronic pain and restricted ranges of motion, these techniques also work brilliantly for people who are suffering from postural muscles strains and aches and pains including office workers, people who spend a lot of time driving and manual workers and people that engage in repetitive activities. As well massage can also advise on strengthening and stretching exercises to aid in recovery and reduce chances of re-injury.

Abdominal massage

The abdomen is home to our internal organs and a major network of our autonomic nervous system, it is also a place where we tend to store emotional and mental tensions. Abdominal massage increases circulation and movement of fluids in the internal organs helping to facilitate digestion and absorption and good functioning of the abdominal organs and aid detoxification by stimulating the spleen liver and gall bladder. Abdominal massage also have a major beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system stimulating a switch in your body from a “fight or flight” to a “rest and recover” state.

Combined treatments

Long term chronic muscle knots and postural muscle pains are most effectively treated with a combination of hands on work to lengthen release and increase blood flow to restricted muscles, and exercise based therapy to retrain key stabilising muscles and movement patterns, and adjustment of daily postures and activities.

This is why we offer combined treatments where we combine hands on massage and manual therapy skills with Pilates and rehabilitation exercises to enhance and prolong the benefits of the treatment. The two types of work complement and enhance one another, we do the Hands on work to release tight muscles, mobilise joint and stimulate key stabilising muscles and you are then taken through a series of specifically selected exercises to lengthen tight muscles, tone and strengthen key stabilising core muscles and postural alignment and body awareness. The benefits of the hands on work are increased and maintained by your active work whilst at the same time your active work is facilitated and enhanced by the hands on therapy that we combine with it.

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