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I have been working with Gavin since 2010 and am very pleased with what I have achieved with his help in that time.   My needs are rather different from those of his other clients – because of childhood polio and resulting spinal curvature I’ve had five back operations (including two spinal fusions) and both hips replaced;   I have reduced mobility and lung capacity, chronic lower-back pain and, at the time I began working with Gavin, had also wrenched my shoulder very badly, almost dislocating it.    My weekly regime with him has been wonderfully helpful and therapeutic, combining as it does elements of Pilates, massage/mobilisation and exercise.   He has healing hands, has taught me exercises which I can manage on my own, and, in general, has improved my life.   I’m very grateful to him for giving me control of my body and recommend him unreservedly.

Susan Loppert

Gavin has helped me prepare for and recover from two surgical procedures in the last five years. He has patiently worked with me to effectively become stronger and improve my mobility adapting exercises to maximise the benefit without putting strain on recovering joints. Where muscles have been tight he has used a hands-on approach to relax muscles and enable rehab to continue without pain. His skill and encouragement have helped me get back to normal and I’d certainly recommend him.

Sarah Wynn

Have been for a couple of treatments when I was suffering from shoulder and low back pain, after a thorough consultation and assessment I was given an really good deep tissue massage, a good explanation as to why I was in pain, and a couple of simple exercises which have completely resolved the issue. Would definitely recommend

Gary White

Gavin is incredibly knowledgeable and forward thinking in his approach to physical issues;he has a relaxed and thoughtful demeanor that lends itself to a comfortable, relaxing experience. The combination of his skill and manor help him to deliver positive and highly effective therapies.

As a former colleague, I saw Gavin interact with clients on a daily basis; I also experienced his knowledge first hand through the weekly anatomy lectures he presented to the team. I highly recommend Gavin’s services to anyone seeking massage therapies or exercise rehab treatments.

Jessica Clarke

I have had A few treatments from Gavin, he gives a good relaxing massage. I find my joints are looser and I have more flexibilty in my limbs, I would definitely recomend him.

Andrew Kefala

I have had 3 treatments with Gavin and would highly recommend him. A very professional service and lovely relaxing music created the right atmosphere and careful consultation allowed the treatments to be directed to key areas on each occasion. I will definitely be booking further treatments. Thanks so much Gavin

Ann McElhatton

I have been using Gavin for treatments for a number of years now, I find his treatments to be highly personalised for my individual needs. His knowledge and manual application in my opinion exceeds most other therapists, as i have used several therapists from multiple backgrounds from chiropractic to Thai massage and most treatments in-between.  i like to pamper myself regularly and Gavin is one of the few i would let anywhere near my body, as in my case i have been able to really experiment over the past 15 years and too often the treatment will be almost identical if not mirrored to all patients in most practices . Thus Gavin is my first choice whether i want to relax from stressful week, or need attention on my feet, kneck or other specific part of the body which may need attention. The benefits i get from seeing Gavin 1-2 times per month is: Increased mobility, reduced aches in the neck and lower back, my ability to relax has been improved as find it hard to switch off my mind normally and my injuries threw training and playing sport have been greatly reduced since using Gavin, i cant remember the last time i was injured which is great. Would recommend Gavin to anybody @ any age who has pain, stiffness, or just needs to de-stress, he is a genuine guy that actually cares for his patients.

Nikolas Paps
Managing Director

I’ve had many treatments in the past and can be very critical being a massage therapist myself. Gavin’s treatment was of extremely high quality. His approach to my problems and understanding of what I needed were second to none. I’ve recommended Gavin to both friends and family and have 100% trust in his ability. There are many therapists out there but few with the knowledge and skills that Gavin possesses.

Mario Christou

Gavin gave me a treatment when I really needed it – I was in quite a bit of pain and he helped a lot. Well on my road to improvement as soon as the treatment was done. He makes you feel very comfortable and at ease – best treatment I’ve had in years. Thanks a lot Gavin!

Kim Tang

Gavin does a first class sports massage. He goes deep and releases tight muscles without causing the pain one often experiences with deep tissue work. Gavin is careful, methodical, listens well to what the client wants, easy to schedule with, and always on time. Very friendly — meets you at the building entrance and escorts you back at the end — and not overly chatty during the massage, which helps with relaxation. There’s ample free parking at the industrial park where he’s located, and a bus from Arnos Grove Station that stops right outside (you can walk from the station as well). Highly recommended!

Steven Bakala


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