About Wellness Embodied

Wellness Embodied is about taking care of your greatest asset (your body), we provide Osteopathy, massage therapy and exercise rehabilitation, either on their own or combined together as the perfect combination to keep your body feeling moving and performing at its best.

Whether you want osteopathic care to help with a recent injury or long term pain, or massage therapy either to speed up recovery from injury or exercise, or for pure relaxation and stress reduction, to reduce postural aches and pains or recovery from an injury we tailor each session to your specific individual needs.

We operate from our private Clinic room set in the grounds of the North London Business Park (Building 3), we also provide a “to you” service so that you can enjoy and benefit of our services from the comfort of your own home.


North London Business Park
Oakleigh Rd S
N11 1GN
United Kingdom


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07958 070 680

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